Live from AIMCAL USA 2014: Association of International Metallizers, Converters, and Laminators

Thin Films

This week I’m at the AIMCAL 2014 conference in South Carolina. The conference program includes presentations from industry leaders, corporate and government research and development laboratories, and manufacturers of components and systems. The focus of this conference is processing rolls of material, typically plastics, to radically increase their value. Inside the processing machine, the plastic moves from the supply roll to the take-up roll. The technology is referred to as roll-to-roll, or web processing. As a company, we are focused on the vacuum coating portion of the conference this week, and particularly on the plasma processing part of the vacuum coating section. I gave a talk yesterday about our new solutions for dual magnetron sputtering (DMS). The roll-to-roll community has ever-growing interest in coatings applied by DMS. These coatings are used for solar control in architectural and automotive glazing, touch screens, flexible displays, transparent electromagnetic shielding, and more.

My talk focused on ways to improve productivity and reduce cost of ownership by providing more control to the user over what happens in the process. Improved product yield, increased deposition efficiency, and reduced waste all contribute to lower overall cost of ownership and greater profitability. That’s what enables roll-to-roll processors to thrive.

You can learn more about our solutions for DMS at our DMS page here.

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