Happy New Year!

Thin Films

Another year has gone by; 2014 is behind us now. A lot has happened in 2014. For Advanced Energy, it has been a big year. In the thin-film world; we’ve seen a lot of interest and adoption our new Ascent AMS and DMS technology for large-area sputtering. What we’ve offered is more information and control over the process than is possible with the incumbent solutions, and the large-area community has noticed. I’ve had the opportunity to talk about this exciting new technology around the world this year, and it has been received with great interest. People are always looking for a better way, and a way to implement some of the innovations they’ve been contemplating. Process engineers and coater operators like the flexibility and control to try new things, and optimize thin film and process performance. We’ve also seen growing global interest in our Solvix products for cathodic arc processes. Arc-based physical vapor deposition (PVD) is used to coat consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical products with high-performance functional coatings. Solvix solutions for arc and bias have been enabling coating developers to push the envelope and deposit even higher performance coatings demanded by the marketplace.

Now, for 2015: Happy New Year!

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