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Editors’ Note: Welcome to Solutions Spotlight, a new monthly blog series aimed at shining light on how our precision products can enable your specific manufacturing application.

One of the amazing things about electrostatics and charging is how often they manifest in the everyday world. That’s true for our customers also, who use electrostatics and charging in everything from semiconductor etching to electrophoresis, and in medical and analytical instrumentation as well as laser optics and industrial filtration systems.

It’s anything but fun and games for design engineers. The high voltage biasing supplies enabling those and so many other applications need to perform with precision and exceptional reliability. And when you consider tightening design cycles and the demand for reducing time-to-market, it’s critical to find a vendor/partner that can offer a portfolio with the breadth to support very specific to general purpose bias designs.

UltraVolt is the Answer

We’ve developed more than 1,500 standard high voltage biasing supply models, resulting in over 11,000 options for proportional, regulated cap charging, and high voltage amplifier power supplies. We’ll look at three product lines within our UltraVolt® solution set to give you a good idea of what we offer for your application and design specifications.

  • UltraVolt AA Series – The AA Series includes eight models, ranging from 62 to 6,000 VDC of high voltage power. They are available in single-output positive or negative polarities, deliver up to 30 W from 12 or 24 VDC inputs, and are PCB-mounted.
  • UltraVolt HVA Series – Our UltraVolt HVA series includes fourteen single-output models. The models deliver 1000 to 20,000 VDC of maximum high voltage power in positive, negative, or bipolar polarity configurations. From a 24 VDC input, HVA models deliver up to 2 W of dynamic power.
  • UltraVolt M Series – Ideal for biasing applications where clearance height is limited. The M Series features seven models offering 600 to 3000 VDC of maximum high voltage power. Modules are available in single-output positive or negative polarities and deliver up to 1 W of power from a 5, 12, 15, or 24 VDC input.

Many Options, One Purpose: Better Power Subsystems

You have a plethora of product options, with many differences. However, what’s common among them is how they can help speed time-to-market by simplifying controls integration and reduce footprint or enable you to more accurately track and reproduce fast-changing voltage control profiles. If you follow the links in this blog to individual product pages on our website, you’ll also find that we offer supplies allowing you to upgrade module and system performance without changing PCB layout.

Of course, there’s much more to know. Please let us know your thoughts, relate any experiences you want to share with readers about our solutions, and suggestions for areas that you think we should feature.

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