Hello, World. Welcome to Advanced Energy’s New Blog.

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You might think that “Hello, World!” is an odd way to introduce our blog, but bear with me for a moment. In the 70s and 80s, those two words first were used to compare programming languages for compatibility; it’s still used in programming tutorials. In 1996, Tiger Woods said “hello, world” at the press conference where he announced he was turning pro. Today, we’re using it to mark a milestone in Advanced Energy’s history – the new look and content focus of our blog.

Why? Because even in niche industries customers are researching via all avenues on the internet for answers to their challenges, without engaging personally with any company. We used to say “sales cycle.” Now we say, “buyer’s journey.” Clearly that process has changed and blogs are part of it.

Our Promise to You

Your time is valuable. When we decided to ramp up our work around social media, we used that to set guidelines for what we will bring to you through our blog:

  1. It’s about you, not us. Topics will be about what matters to your industry and application.
  2. It will be useful. You will learn something that makes your life easier.
  3. It will be a unique point of view. You should come away with information you couldn’t filter through the noise on the internet.
  4. It will be provocative. Sparking discussion is as important to us as getting a point across.
  5. It will be easy to read. We’ll quickly get to the point and be conversational.

Finally, we are making sure that the conversation happens amongst peers – the vast majority of our blogs will be written by our staff of engineers and subject matter experts, who have been working on the same kinds of challenges and driving industry innovation as you.

With that, we formally welcome you to the new Advanced Energy blog.

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